EnhancementArtist and glass installation at Redwoods

Arts for Health works in partnership with facilities and estates and outside arts organisations to ensure that new environments and developments of buildings and ward spaces benefit from the involvement of artists and service users. 

It is an ongoing commitment by Arts for Health to continue to promote the importance of a positive, colourful and healing environment through the involvement of the arts.

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Flight is a kaleidoscope of butterflies created by Debbie Todd (ProteanArt) in partnership with Arts for Health and service users and staff of Brocton and Chebsey Wards.

The butterflies were laser-cut from plywood then hand decorated by the service users and staff in the weekly art group facilitated by Debbie.  Each butterfly is unique and has its own character and destination - so when flying together new patterns and shapes are created, and individual stories are celebrated. 

Using very ordinary materials - coloured paper and recycled magazines - the piece creates the extraordinary and explores the themes of transformation, metamorphosis and regeneration inherent in us all.

Journey Soon poem printed onto wall panels

Following a recommendation by the CQC to improve the sound quality of the ward, we devised a project using acoustic panels within a glass atrium. 

We worked with a young poet, Matilda Houston-Brown, to create a beautiful poem called Journey Soon, inspired by the beach scene mural created on the ward previously with artist Debbie Todd. The poem was printed onto the panels using a variety of fonts and sizes.  The resulting panels have helped enormously with the sound quality in the ward.

Feedback: “It’s brilliant, you don’t get the echo. It can get noisy on the ward; you still hear the noise, but not the extra bit. It looks good as well.”

Service user artwork on the wall at Tamworth train stationPieces of art have been put up on platforms, in waiting areas and on bus shelters, to help people feel happier when they are travelling through the station.  

The artwork on platforms was designed and created by people who have received treatment at the George Bryan Centre in Tamworth.

People in the community using local mental health services also contributed a series of landscape photographs, poems and reflections on the subject of safe places.

images of sky and clouds on door and window of 136 suite at St GeorgesA 136 Suite is a facility for people detained by police under section 136 of the Mental Health Act. It provides a 'place of safety' whilst potential mental health needs are assessed and arrangements made for on-going care. 

In 2016 collaborations took place between Arts for Health, staff, service users and outside agencies to improve facilities - looking at interior environment, imagery, sound, sensory issues plus the potential for a small garden where inpatients could have fresh air and be stimulated by imagery, poetry and a place to sit.

Images and words were created through a photography and writing project around the theme of ‘a place of safety’.  The garden was also developed to provide seating and a pleasant environment with funds provided by Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme. 

Severn Fields health village in Sundorne is the home of our community teams in Shrewsbury.  Arts for Health worked with Participate - an artists co-operative - to enhance the environment and provide a privacy screen for people waiting for appointments and the staff working in the offices.

The artists created a visual graphic that explores the landscape, hills and river around Shropshire, highlighting various key landmarks. 

Visual graphic of privacy screen at Severn Fields    Visual graphic of privacy screen at Severn Fields

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