On this page you will find lots of useful resrources from the Arts for Health team. This includes some tutorials and worksheets created for Arts for Health. 

You can also find more exciting content and infomration on our Arts for Health YouTube playlist, where there are more easy-to-follow tutorials, and other videos relating to our projects and activities. Please click on this link to access our Arts for Health You Tube page. 

Arts for Health staff with cameras We have a Photobox kit which provides Activity Co-ordinators with the opportunity to do photography with inpatients.

The kit includes 4 digital cameras plus a Canon Selphy printer which instantly prints images taken on the cameras using the memory cards. It produces 6”x 4” colour prints – which can be used just as they are or put together as a collage. The participants enjoy the instant results withCameras and printer this printer – a sense of achievement – or an opportunity to improve their photography on the spot.

We run regular training for Activity Co-ordinators and AHP’s so that they are familiar with the kit and feel confident to use with inpatient groups. Sometimes images taken with the cameras are curated into exhibitions at our inpatient sites.

Playing cards 3.jpgArtists Mark Uttley and Maddy Blatherwick-Plumb worked with patients and staff on wards at St George’s Hospital, Stafford and The Redwoods Centre, Shrewsbury, to create new artwork which has been used to create two unique packs of playing cards.

These playing cards celebrate the wonderful artwork created by patients and staff and raises awareness and understanding around all aspects of mental health. Why not take a moment to play a game of cards, learn something new, connect with people, and learn a new skill?

Games and tips for using the Playing Cards

  • Sevens - (3-6 players) - In turns players play a card, beginning with sevens (diamond first) as the foundation for each suit. Once a seven is played, you can build up or down on that suit, with the aim to be the first to play all your cards.
  • Rummy - (2-6 players) - A classic card game, in which players draw and discard cards, trying to get "sets" that typically consist of sets of the same values or runs of consecutive values.
  • Cheat - (3-13 players) - The aim is to be the first to get rid of all your cards, and you can bluff about what cards you are playing on a turn, but if you get challenged and caught out you have to pick up the entire pile.
  • Golf - (2-6 players) - Everyone has a 3x2 grid of cards worth varying points, that you try to improve. Just like in real golf, the goal is to get the lowest score possible over nine holes or hands.
  • Patience - (1 player) - Is a card game for one person where the aim is to arrange the cards in some systematic order or, in a few cases, to pair them off in order to discard them.

Arts for Health Contact Details

Arts for Health - General Enquiries

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Owen Hurcombe - Digital & Communications Project Worker

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Diana Buckle - Administrator

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