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Poet Jean Atkin supported the Talking Therapies conference which took place at Shrewsbury Football Ground on 13th December, organised by IAPT.

Jean spent time listening and chatting to delegates on the content of the days’ discussions – and created a poem which encapsulates, creatively, the events of the day!!

A lovely moving poem and outcome...



Well we’ve all been blunted on rock

and cut down by scissors.

And we’ve definitely been blindfolded by paper –

but this year – we’ve been washed

down seven streams of change –

and change is choppy, change is exhausting.

And all the while we filled

the gaps in the workplace.


We survived.  We tried cake.  We tried

to adapt to the merge.  And our Step 2 waiting list

is all dried up.  And our counsellors are rebanded.

It really matters.  And health equality matters.

We’re reaching out to the hard to reach.

We’re building trust. We want to make it fairer.

Because good things come to those who don’t wait.


I have a date, a time, a plan

to take my life. But with support,

a change of plan, I find I have

a life worth living, after all.

My barriers were up. You took them down.


What is a talking therapy?


Ask and listen.  Ask and listen.

The kindness of a stranger

makes it easier to talk.


We are in the business of listening.

We are in the business of making

other people happier.


Jean Atkin  |  December 2023

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