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Our exhibition space at Redwoods is currently showing artwork by Arran McLachlan - artwork created during and following a stay at Redwoods.

Arran McLachlan and exhibition picture at RedwoodsArran describes eloquently how his art comes from deep within as a coping mechanism to deal with his anxiety and mental health. He approached Arts for Health because he was anxious that our frames were currently empty (following a previous exhibition) and he was concerned that inpatients, staff and visitors should have something to look at!  We are grateful to Arran for presenting us with a meaningful and exciting exhibition during May and into June 2022.

Arran says about his creative journey:

“During my time at Redwoods, I found that doing art and attending groups helped make a difference to how I was feeling, it distracted me from my worries and problems.  I was inspired in most of my pieces by well-known artists Banksy and Damien Hirst.  I copied some of the pieces and others I added my own touch, by being creative. I can now look back at my time at Redwoods and see a positive experience and not just the struggles of why I was there. I am still grateful of all the help and support I received during my stay and the continued support at the Wellbeing Art Group (run by Arts for Health) since leaving Redwoods. This is still helping to inspire me to be creative.”

Exhibition opening:

Arran McLachlan and pictures at Redwoods exhibitionWe held an opening event for Arran's exhibition at Redwoods on Thursday 19th May so that he could invite members of his family and some of his friends and colleagues who attend support organisations such as Men in Sheds, Walk & Talk – organisations that Arran feels are really important to sustaining his wellness. He is committed to the endeavour of helping to support and inspire others, to be creative and use the arts to help them on their recovery journey.

We feel at Arts for Health, that Arran is a very special person, with such compassion and good intentions for others, it is a privilege to know him and to be able to work with him and support his creative journey.

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